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Our vision

Elevate Digital Ltd is a performance marketing agency based in Italy, established in 2020 by two experienced business partners who used to work as a successful freelance team for years.

Our vision is to provide our clients with the best solutions within the services we provide and to make a huge impact on the sales of their products/services.

We had the chance to work with many of the leading brands in various categories and industries so we are looking forward to using our experience, exploring the opportunities, and making the business of our clients flourish.

Cristiano Costanzi

Co-founder & Business Developer

Following his dream to become an entrepreneur, Cristiano started with small online projects when he was only 17 years old.

After graduation in Business Administration in Pisa, he continued his master’s studies in Marketing and Analytics in Rome and obtained them with honors.

During his stay in Rome, Cristiano actively engaged with numerous entrepreneurs and had an amazing working experience in Nissan Italy that allowed him to fully understand how to develop business processes.

Today, Cristiano is in charge of administration & business development at Elevate Digital Ltd, focusing his energy on combining marketing and new project development.

Stefano Mazzei

Co-founder and Managing director

Still during his studies, Stefano got his first job in digital marketing with local businesses and Instagram management and made his first professional steps in digi world.

After his graduation in Marketing and Finance in Pisa and with a Master’s degree in Milan, Stefano started his professional path in 2015.

Stefano is passionate about creating effective advertising strategies and managing relationships with agency partners. Also, he is doing consulting in the Facebook strategy field for e-commerce and professional and content creation in the same field.

Stefano is always up to date with the newest information and strategies from the digital world, by attending courses from top US coaches and regularly having private consulting focused on e-Commerce and digital marketing.

Join our team

Elevate Digital Ltd brings excellent opportunities for job seekers who want to start and build their careers in the digital marketing industry.

Before you contact us, please answer the following questions.


Has your product/service already proven to be market fit with a 3-7x margin?


Are you able to handle a 200-500%+ growth in the next 12 months?


Are you open to add new acquisition channels if we find out new opportunities to grow your business?

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